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When a user clicks to launch Servoy Client from the web install page, why does't Servoy launch?

1.  Is Java installed on the client?  Servoy requires that java is installed prior to installing Servoy Client.

2.  How is their browser handleling jnlp files?  In order for the Servoy Client to launch, when the jnlp file is download, Java must run/open the jnlp file, which will start the installation process.  Some possible issues...

- The jnlp file just downloads to their desktop (because the browser's settions don't auto-launch the file).

Solution: Modify the browser settings, or just have the user double-click on the jnlp file on their desktop

-The jnlp file doesn't look like it downloads

Solution: The browser settings probably have another applicaiton attempting to launch the jnlp file.  Modify the settings, or right-clik on the Servoy installer web page and select "Save as" and save the jnlp file to the desktop.  Next right-click on the file and choose "Open with" and choose Java from the menu, and select to always open jnlp files with Java. 

Finally, check this post which describes why clients may be unable to connect to the server.