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Why are my Clients unable to connect to the Servoy Application Server?

1.  Start with the obvious.  Is Servoy running on the server?  To test, point your browser on the server to localhost:8080 and try to install the client locally

2.  Is another service running on the server on port 8080 or 1099.

3.  Is the firewall on the Server?  Make sure 8080 and 1099 are open.

4.  Is there a firewall between the client and Server?  Again, make sure 8080 and 1099 are open.

5.  Are there managed switches involved? (like Cisco)  By default, most managed switches will block network traffic over 1099.  Either open the ports, or use the new HTTP Tunneling feature in Servoy to force everything over port 80 or 8080.

6.  Are they connecting through a different subnet, or over WAN?  If so, you need to go to the Servoy Admin page, then to Network Settings, and set java.rmi.server.hostname to the actualy IP of the server.