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Servoy Column Converter Pro Plugin

Column Converter Pro Plug-in

This is a client plugin that adds to the Servoy Column Converters in the column properties windows in dataproviders area. This plugin adds Blowfish Encryption/Decryption, and Global Method conversion. Below are screenshots and a brief feature list.




  • Store Encrypted data in your backend DB, and Servoy will automatically Decrypt to view and edit the data.
  • Use your own global methods to convert data being stored in backend database, and displayed in Servoy

Installation Instructions: Unzip the download file and then add the servoyguy_columnconverter_pro.jar and servoyguy_columnconverter_pro.jar.jnlp, to your {servoy_install}/plugins folder.
License: AGPL
Download: Downloads
Source Code: ServoyForge