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Servoy PDF Pro Plug-In

PDF Pro Plug-In

The PDF Pro plug-in adds many features that are not available in the pdf_output plug-in that ships with Servoy. In order for the PDF Pro plug-in to function, it is required that the pdf_output plugin also be installed (free option in the Servoy Installer). The PDF Pro plug-in depends on the iText and Multivalent Tools java libraries, which are open-source and distributed under separate licenses. Both of those java libraries should already be installed after installing both the PDF Output plug-in, and the PDF Pro plug-in.

12/15/2008: Updated for to support Servoy version 4.0.  Added option to watermark so you can specify an array of pages to be watermarked.  This is useful if you want to add scanned signatures to your document.


  • Add MetaData to a PDF (like your company name as the author)
  • Compress a PDF- very good compression with small size and good quality
  • Encrypt / Password protect a PDF file
  • Restrict modifications, printing, and much more
  • Create Handout pages of a PDF (like in PowerPoint)
  • Delete pages from a PDF
  • Merge an unlimited number of PDF files into 1 PDF file
  • Add page numbers to a PDF. You can specify location, font, color, etc.
  • Overlay Text- Add "DRAFT" at a 45 degree angle accross every page. You can specify text, location, font, color, etc.
  • Add a watermark to every page of a PDF. You can specify the image, and location.

Dean Westover of Choices Software has created a public example in Servoy Web Client using the PDF Pro plug-in. You can use it at

Installation Instructions: Unzip the download file and then add the servoyguy_pdf_pro.jar, servoyguy_pdf_pro.jar.jnlp, and servoyguy_pdf_pro folder to your {servoy_install}/plugins folder.
License: AGPL
Download: Downloads
Source Code: ServoyForge