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Servoy COM Plugin

COM Plug-in

This is a client or server-side plugin that allows you to interact with COM objects. These COM objects for example could be Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc), evaluation of VBScript, or other applications that have implemented COM (like .NET, VB, or FoxPro applications) . The download includes a sample solution showing interaction with VBScript, Internet Explorer and text-to-speech.  This plugin uses the JACOB libraries. Below is a brief feature list.


  • Get and Set properties of COM objects
  • Call functions/methods of COM objects
  • Handles installation of required native DLL files
  • Make COM calls from client side
  • Make COM calls through the Application Server
  • Evaluate VBScript
  • Interact with any COM object

License: AGPL
Note: This plugin is currently in beta status, and still requires more testing. Pleas email me if you find any problems.
Installation Instructions: The download link includes a readme.txt file with required setup instructions.
Download: Download Link
Source Code: ServoyForge