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Servoy Spell Check Pro Plugin

SpellCheck Pro Plug-in

This is a Smart Client plugin that adds many features that are not available in the spellcheck plugin that ships with Servoy. This plugin is based on the open source JOrtho project at SourceForge. The plugin includes 6 dictionaries/languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian. This plugin uses Wiktionary as the dictionary. Below is a brief feature list, and a video tutorial.

10/23/2008:   Added support for multiple languages. JNLP file will download correct dictionary to client's machine based on their locale.  Updated to support 4.0.  If you modify the JNLP file to load multiple dictionaries, you can also load multiple languages into the plugin so the user can switch their language.  This is done with registerSpellCheckPro(allCommaSeparatedLanguages, defaultLanguage, isCaseSensitive) 

Auto-Spell with right-click suggestions:

Visual dialog for spellchecking:


  • Spell check multiple elements at a time
  • Easily spell check all the elements on a form
  • Spell check in case sensitive, or insensitive (slightly buggy in JOrtho)
  • Auto-Spell feature with red squiggly lines, and right-click pop-up suggestions list
  • Standard visual spell check dialog to walk the user though fixing grammatical errors
  • Users can add words to their own personal dictionary
  • Several languages supported.
    1. German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian
    2. For additional languages, contact i-net software (the author of JOrtho) to get a .ortho dictionary from Wiktionary for your language. I can then add that as a dictionary to this plugin
    3. Since this is based on Wiktionary, it is a community contributed dictionary. So, if something is missing, you can go to and add it online. Then on the next dictionary build, it will be available.

Note: This project uses the JOrtho libraries and dictionary files, which are distributed under a separate license.
Installation Instructions: Unzip the download file and then add the servoyguy_spellcheck_pro.jar, servoyguy_spellcheck_pro.jar.jnlp, and servoyguy_spellcheck_pro folder to your {servoy_install}/plugins folder.
Language Support: In this latest version, the download below is bundled with all 6 of the languages mentioned above.  Install all of them on your application server.  The .jnlp file uses the client's locale to determine what dictionary to download to the client.  So, for example, a Spanish user will only download the dictionary_es.jar dictionary file.  If you want to change this to allows users to download more dictionaries than their default locale, you must modify the .jnlp file accordingly. 

Language / Dictionary Troubleshooting:  The .jnlp file attempts to use the client's locale to determine the correct dictionary to download.  Some users have reported problems with this.  If you experience problems, you can follow these steps to explicitly determine what dictionaries to download.  
You can open the .jnlp file with a text editor.  Inside the file, you will see several lines starting with "<resources".  Inside that element list the files that should be downloaded.  Everything inside the item "<resources>" will be downloaded to all users.  You'll also see an item that looks like this "<resource locale="de">".  Everything in side that item will only be downloaded if the clients machine matches that locale.  So, as an example, if you want to change the .jnlp file to download the Spanish dictionary to all clients, you <resources> would look like this:

      <jar href="/plugins/servoyguy_spellcheck_pro.jar" download="eager" version="2.0"/>
      <jar href="/plugins/servoyguy_spellcheck_pro/dictionary_es.jar" download="%%loadmethod%%" version="1.0"/>

License: AGPL
Download: Downloads
Source Code: ServoyForge